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India24bet casino online is the place where you may escape your daily routine after work or spend the weekend in the pleasant company of beautiful women and people who share your interests. If a live casino is new to you and you have recently left a land-based casino, which is unavoidably shocking, you will be amazed at how simple and enjoyable it is to engage in all the same activities from the comfort of your house instead of the basement.

Fans of "live" casinos claim that the fact that the game is supervised by a real person makes it possible to create an enjoyable environment during gameplay that is evocative of the actual land-based casinos. The roulette game offered on the internet includes a live dealer as a key component, as do:

  • Poker

  • Teen Patti

  • Andar Bahar

  • Blackjack

  • Lotto

The game is aired from a specific set-up studio with TV cameras, where any live dealers may be found. This kind of gaming entertainment is particularly well-liked because a casino patron plays against a live person rather than a lifeless online slot machine.

Live Casino Dealer Games

Due to the fact that the Live Casino dealer and other customers keep the player company, it is possible to make the situation at the India24bet casino more similar to the realistic one created in traditional gaming halls. The dealer also delivers cards, receives bets, adjusts the chips on the gaming table, and engages in additional manipulations.

Dynamic elements are incorporated into the games at live casinos, which operate similarly to standard internet casinos. The key distinction is that a genuine "live" dealer, as opposed to a random number generator, decides the game's outcome in games with live dealers (using a real roulette wheel, cards, etc.).

A more social environment can be created by the dealer directing the broadcast interacting with the players. The games that are offered at India 24 bet online casino are the most well-liked and well-established pastimes, and the experience is much the same as visiting a physical casino, with the obvious exception of more comfort.

Hot Game

You may find the games that India24bet's customers picked as the most popular in this section. The list is periodically updated to reflect player preferences. This area includes thrilling games like:

  • Lightning Roulette
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Baccarat A
  • 32 Cards

To immediately begin enjoying these fantastic table games, you must be a registered user with a funded balance.

Live Roulette

Compared to normal roulette in an online casino, playing roulette with a live dealer is far more engaging and realistic. Playing roulette with a live dealer brings Las Vegas and Monte Carlo's actual casinos to life. All you have to do is settle in with your preferred beverage and confirm that you have enough chips to play the entire game


One of India24bet's most-played casino games is blackjack. It's fairly easy to learn, and a player who uses strategy and intuition can quickly become successful. Blackjack can be played with different types of wagers. From the main lobby, select the Casino lobby to access the live casino lobby.

Choose a game and a table with the right wagers. Decide how many boxes you want to play on, then place your bets.


One of the traditional card games that have seamlessly migrated to the online casino market is this one. The fact that this game has the lowest casino advantage out of all the card games available is one of the factors contributing to its popularity. If you are an expert live baccarat player, India24bet offers a variety of possibilities for you, including our live casino halls.


A common dice game with three dice is called Sic Bo. The primary objective of the game is to obtain high and low incomes through dice games. One of the quickest casino games allows players to wager on several parts. Sic Bo allows players to join games from anywhere and take advantage of the simplicity and convenience of the online environment.

Dragon Tiger

It's easy to play Live Dragon Tiger. This two-card game is very quick and easy to play. A Dragon and a Tiger are the two cards dealt by the dealer. The dealer places one card on the Dragon on the left side of the table. and one card on the right side of the table in place of the Tiger.

Players wager on the higher card, and if they win, they receive an equal payout. On a draw, which is the same card for a Dragon and a Tiger, players can additionally wager. Everything is updated in real time, and the percentages of all bets are shown.


Live online lotteries are a new product, and what makes them special is that in addition to accepting bets online, they also occasionally broadcast the lottery draw live. India24bet continuously rewards its players with sizable bonuses and rich marketing initiatives in addition to the ongoing novelties of the online casino.

Andar Bahar

The Indian card game Andar Bahar was formerly known as Mangata or Katti. Skills and clever tactics are meaningless in this card game based only on chance. Today, gamers may play Andar Bahar online thanks to live casino aggregators like India24bet.

Before a player bets on Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside) in the game, the dealer deals one open card. Then, until the card matching the first open card arrives, the dealer alternately serves cards. Currently, Andar Bahar is the cornerstone of the finest online casinos.


Playing poker may be a method to unwind as well as launch a fierce intellectual conflict. It will be helpful for you to grasp the fundamentals of numerous strategies in advance on the Internet if you are interested in the second alternative. You can use them around friends or at India24bet to get some practice.

You can only sit down at virtual tables after putting this practice to use. Poker is a game of skill, not chance.

Cricket War

Based on the widely popular Dragon Tiger game in India, Live Cricket War is a cricket theme live game from Ezugi. Due to the simplicity of the game, you won't need to compute any challenging betting probabilities. Cricket War involves the usage of two cards.

One card is given to the person who is carrying the bat, and another is given to the person who is the bowler. The position with the highest card value is the one that prevails. Every bet in a cricket war is on who will win in which position. If your prediction of the winner turns out to be correct, you might win.


You are invited to familiarize yourself with the solutions to the frequently asked issues that India24bet customers have in this section. Additionally, customer support is always available if you need any clarification on any remarks.

What is the best game to win at India24bet?

Slots are regarded as the best games for quick payouts; pay attention to volatility; the higher it is, the greater your chances of winning; however, do not wait for jackpots; you must find a jackpot slot in order to win them; however, keep in mind that, in contrast to regular slot machines, jackpot machines have incredibly low volatility.

Can I win real money on

Of course, games at Indian24bet are only played for real money, which is the rupee, the currency of India. All you have to do to cash out your wins is withdraw them from your account using the method of your choice.